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Please wait window (& other fixes)

Destiny Kuehn requested to merge please-wait into master

Issues #9 (closed) & #11 (closed) : The status bar and gui became unresponsive when dealing with large data sets. To fix this I made the functions run as threads using QThread and added a QProgressDialog window to regularly update the main event thread so the program doesn't freeze. Batchmode also uses the threads but otherwise remains the same where it just prints progress to the terminal.

Issue #8 (closed) : The List Time Corrections window faced the same issue as #9 (closed) and #11 (closed) so it now runs on a thread as well. However the sheer amount of text required for the large data sets caused QTextEdit to crash, so it now uses QTreeView to show the traces and time info.

Issue #12 (closed) : Clear loc code button should now work for all traces and not just one.

Issue #13 (closed) : The Load Template button's connected slot was misspelled and is now fixed.

Issue #14 (closed): The Clear Update Dictionary buttons passed the wrong parameter, so the dictionary did not clear like it was supposed to. That is now fixed.

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