Commit caab4a63 authored by Maeva Pourpoint's avatar Maeva Pourpoint
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Update recipe and add rt2ms_py3

parent b8e0d232
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{% set version = "2020.225rc1" %}
{% set version = "2020.225rc5" %}
name: passoft
......@@ -35,7 +35,8 @@ requirements:
- mseedpeek #2020.204
- pql #2020.100.0rc1
- qpeek #2020.220
- refscrub #2020.216
- refscrub #2020.216
- rt2ms_py3 #2020.345
# This should be pinned by logpeek, qpeek,...
#- tk 8.6.9
- tkeqcut #2020.216
  • @maeva , why was UI.dataless added to this repo? Where is the PR, and code review?

  • I used the latest passoft recipe at the time (2020.225rc4) as my starting point since the repo wasn’t kept up-to-date. The UI.dataless file just happened to be part of that recipe.

    As mentioned during the software group meeting, we all agreed last fall to not have small PRs and small code updates reviewed in order to avoid backlogs in code review requests and keep making progress.

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